Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Away

The last time I visited my sister, who lives 6 hours away in another state, Amy was with us. My oldest daughter, and Amy and I attended the high school graduation of my nephew. He is now a junior in college.

Amy loved that trip! She always liked to travel and her aunt, uncle and cousins loved her and made her feel so special. 

My husband and I just got back yesterday from a weekend there. We had a nice and relaxing time. They have a house on a lake and it was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.  
My sister and I did a little shopping. 
The guys watched football and ate pizza.
We went to their church and I cried during worship, remembering the last time Amy was there and the music. 
She loved the music! They have a full band and wonderful vocalists. Last time we happened to meet another family with a Rett girl and so I looked around for them this time but didn't see them.  It might have been really hard to see her, but I wonder if she is ok. We didn't keep in contact and my sister didn't know the family. (Her church is really large.)

I always thought Amy would be  with us forever! I never considered that she might die in a few short years. If only I could give her a hug, just one more time.  

I had hoped for a time when my husband and I might be able to travel if the Lord decided to take Amy home, but I never let my mind go there and never thought it would be a reality NOW.

We did have a good time. It just seemed so strange to not have Amy with us or know she was waiting back home. We stopped about an hour before we got home for a bite to eat and they were selling giant KitKat bars by the register. Amy loved KitKats. I told my husband how weird it felt to not have her with us anymore. We always tried to go away for a weekend every year, just my husband and me, so this was no different than any other of our weekends away. I voiced this to him. My husband is a man of few words, so when he does speak, it is worth listening to. He said that whenever we were away before I always worried. No matter how much we enjoyed ourselves, I always worried about Amy. No matter who was taking care of her, I always worried. 

I realized that was it. That is what was so strange to me. 
I didn't have to worry about Amy.
I don't have to worry about Amy anymore. 
She is in God's hands. He is taking care of her. 

And this little cutie was waiting for us when we got home. 
Her name is Little Bit and we call her Bitty. She is 3 months old.

Praise God for His marvelous beauty in nature.

Praise Him for worship and thought provoking preaching. 
Praise Him for safety on the road.
Praise Him for family.
Praise God for Amy.

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