Wednesday, August 14, 2013

He doesn't give us second best.

I read a blog yesterday that really touched my heart.  Angie Smith has a story of her own, full of grief and moving on with life.  This is something she said, "Don’t assume He has withheld the best from you because it doesn’t look the way you thought it would. He knows what we need and how we should receive it." and "He doesn’t give us second-best, but He sure might teach us to second-guess what we’re given, daily learning to accept and rejoice that which comes from His hand."  I needed to hear that. I haven't been thanking God as much I should be and actively seeking for the blessings that He puts in my life everyday. 

This past weekend, my husband, youngest daughter and I drove to Kansas City to attend the wedding of a dear friend of ours. It was a 15  hour drive one way, but well worth the trip. It was the first voyage of our new little car which we named Hidey Ho. She did well! Good gas mileage and handled all the road construction and thunder storms we managed to drive through. We had two days in Kansas City and seeing old friends that knew Amy and loved her as we did was a comfort. But of course there were times of tears. When the beautiful harp music was playing, I was so overcome, as I knew Amy would have loved being there. In all reality though, we would have never gone if Amy was still with us. She could never have made the trip in the short time we did and we probably would have just had our daughter fly out, as she has been best friends with the brides sister since they were 5 years old. So it was a blessing that we were even able to be at the wedding and visit with them. After the early afternoon wedding we were invited to their family reunion at a nearby park and met more of the extended family.  What a special time that was and what good food! Most of the family grew up in Brazil so we had a mixture of American and Brazilian food. Also the wedding cake and some of the extra sides were Brazilian.  

The next morning we attended church with the family. We sat beside the son and daughter-in-law with a baby. (They are on the left, in the picture below, with the baby in a green shirt.) During the sermon she nursed him and he put his feet right on my tummy and kept pushing against it while he was eating. I cradled his feet in my hand and realized that here was another blessing as my heart overflowed with the joy that only a baby can bring. We were able to visit two of their homes and so now I have an image in my head of what their houses look like when I think of them.

The evening before we left we were invited to a new friend's home. We weren't going to go at first because we were so tired, but then decided to. I am so glad we did! What a special family. Their three daughters played the harps at the wedding. One of the daughters has a sewing business and another one has a soap business using their goat's milk to make soap. Here is a website to their business:  Mamba Bars
They also have pictures of their family. We had a time of singing before we left and again the tears came. Amy would have loved meeting this family. She would have enjoyed seeing their goats, chickens and dogs. And she especially would have loved watching all the little kids play together and hear the singing. But Amy isn't here, she is in a much better place and I am so glad that God gave us this special weekend. 

The bride and groom with the brides  family.
In two days I will have my knee surgery. We were able to get Amy's room painted last week and  tonight we are moving our bed down here to the first floor. For 36 years we have slept in the same room. Over the course of those years the cradle was moved in and out four times and we went from a double to a king. It is another chapter in our lives that is closing, but just a chapter. Not the end. Another chapter is starting and I thank God for the new things that He will be showing us. 

I will be off my feet for awhile so I plan on getting a scrapbook started of Amy. I'm sure there will be more tears, but tears are healing and I know God is still keeping them and crying with me.
David says in Psalm 57:8
You have taken account of my wanderings;
Put my tears in Your bottle.Are they not in Your book?

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