Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thirty-one years and one month. cont'd

Amy made our family and our life special. The children all grew up knowing that Amy came first. Sometimes in fun we called her a spoiled brat. She was! We saw to every need we could think of with her. Through school she had speech, physical, occupational therapy. They took her swimming, bowling, shopping and horseback riding. My younger two volunteered in Amy's class and made friends with other special needs children.  I heard about "The Brass Ring Society" that gave gifts to children with special needs. Most kids requested a trip. We asked for a pony. Amy had been involved in Therapeutic Riding with her school and so her own pony seemed a perfect idea. She was granted her wish and Cocoa came into our life. Then we got some chickens and a few sheep to keep Cocoa company. It gave Amy's sisters and brother busy with daily chores. We bought Amy a heated waterbed, not only did it help keep her warm with her poor circulation, but it alleviated bed sores. In her 31 years, she never had a sore on her back or bottom, until she was in the hospital.
Easter, Amy was around 10 or 11

We tried to take a vacation every year and Amy always went with us. She loved to travel and to see new things.  She experienced so much that most handicapped children cannot, because we carried her until we couldn't and then we pushed her in her chair in places we probably shouldn't have! 

  She went to Prince Edward Island and enjoyed all the Anne of Green Gables sites, as we had all read the books and Amy had heard them on audio. She also enjoyed the movies about Anne and just the last few years started watching the Avonlea series. We went hiking in the Smokies, visited Dollywood, went to the Atlantic Ocean and we all even rode one of those family bicycle things. ( I do not recommend that!)  


I think one of her favorite trips was when Amy, her younger sister and I went on a road trip about 4 years ago. We visited a lot of the Little House on the Prairie sites, and as we traveled we listened to the audio books. Amy wanted a bonnet like Laura's and so of course I bought her one. She wore it so often!

When she was 19 my parents lived with us for the summer and put an addition on our house so Amy could be on the ground floor. She had her own walk-in closet and her own bathroom, which she generously shared with her mom!
Amy's first look at her new room!
 We've had fun decorating the room just for Amy. She had flowers and butterflies hanging from the ceiling, fairies and Disney posters, Veggie tale pictures and stuffed animals. Lots of stuffed animals. Wind chimes and rainbow lights in the windows and violets.  Any cards and pictures (colored by young friends) she received we taped to the back of her doors. 
This was Amy's room.  
But now her home is in heaven and we can't even begin to imagine the flowers, the colors, the music and the GLORY that she is experiencing.

"There will be a day with no more tears, 
no more pain, and no more fears
There will be a day when the burdens of this place, 
will be no more, we'll see Jesus face to face" 
Jeremy Camp


  1. Your's and your family's love for Amy and care for her was evident every time I saw you! You all took such good care of her! Thank you for being a family that made sacrifices to make sure that Amy was well taken care of and shown the utmost love! Lots of families out there wouldn't have done all that y'all did!

  2. Thanks for letting us know about the blog. I always noticed at homeschool functions how your children helped take care of Amy and was amazed at how you could see their love for her as they helped with her. We are continueing to lift you and your family in prayer.