Saturday, June 15, 2013

Amy's Dad

I titled this blog "Amy's Story" because of Amy's life and how she influenced our family and friends. Our lives would not be the same if Amy had not been a part of our family. Today I want to say a few things about Amy's dad. 

My husband has been a hard worker all his life. He grew up on a farm and did most of the farm work as his father had MS and his mother worked full time.  After working a 9-5 job for the first three years of our marriage, he decided to start a business of his own. We have a small farm where we grow shrubs and trees and he does landscaping full time. It takes a tremendous amount of work. In the spring, summer and fall he puts in 15-16 hour days. The winter gives him some relief, but then he sells Christmas trees, manages our woodland, and makes plans for the next season. He is also a hunter, so he does take a few days to hunt deer.

His parents had been ill for many years. About 8 years ago he started going out to their house every week to give them groceries and distribute their medications. Five years ago his mother passed away and just this past January his father joined her in heaven. He was a very dedicated and loving son to both his parents. He was always the first one they would call if they needed anything even though he has two other brothers living in the area. Since his fathers death he has been settling his estate and taking care of whatever needs to be done. It was only 7 weeks after Dad passed away that Amy got sick. 
His life has changed, not only losing a daughter but not having either of his parents alive anymore to care for.

I think tomorrow, Fathers Day, will be hard for him. 

He is a man of few words and does not show his emotions to others very easily.
Amy softened him. Especially the last few months of her life. 

He is also a man of faith. We always had a time of  reading the Bible and singing before bed when the kids were little. But as they got older we stopped. I started reading and singing to Amy again about 4 years ago. Her Daddy would always come in and say prayers with us. I treasure those memories now.

I have heard that having a special needs child can lead a couple to divorce. Also the death of a child.  Amy's life and passing has only made us stronger as the years go by. We cling to each other in sorrow, pray together, and know that God will ease our hurts.

I want to honor my husband for being a special dad to Amy. 
She loved him so much. I know he misses her, too.

Easter 1988 Amy was 6.
Vacation at Prince Edward Island 1998 Amy was 16.

Christmas 2011 Amy was 29.

 I would never make it through this time in my life without him. He and my kids are my support group. My love for him grows with every day. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband and father to our children.


  1. Amy was blessed to have such loving parents. The song Contessa played this Sunday was so beautiful and seeing the tribute at the end brought tears to my eyes at how hard this year must be for Bill. I am so glad you have each other to cling to right now and together you are being held by God.

    1. Thanks so much Suzanna. We could never get through this without dear friends like you, also.