Monday, April 29, 2013

My sister posted this on Facebook for me...

Amy started Chapter One of the Great Story three weeks ago today.

Amy loved the Narnia books. We have them all on CD from Focus on the Family Radio Theater and they are dramatized. She listened to them over and over. We would talk about Aslan being like Jesus and the new Narnia in the last book being like heaven. We would imagine together what heaven would be like and often talk about the beauty and the colors and even the animals that would be there. The last few weeks of Amy's life we were listening to the series again while she was in the hospital. We weren't able to finish the series this time but just a few days before she died I asked her if she thought the animals might be able to talk in heaven and she just gazed into my eyes and gave me a hint of a smile. She was so weak that even smiling was hard work for her. I treasure those moments we had together.
C.S. Lewis has influenced me in my understanding of what heaven might be like. The Bible tells us some, but a lot of it is unknown. If God made this world so beautiful, why would heaven not be even more so? Amy and I talked about riding horses together, climbing mountains, playing with animals, and singing. Most of all singing. 

 I can't wait to hear her voice!

I read a blog that talked about heaven much better than I can. You can read about it here.

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  1. "Further up and further in!" That's what I imagine her to be laughing as she rides her Cocoa.